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McMillion Pool Company is a swimming pool design, construction, and remodeling contractor. We have been proudly serving the greater Nashville area for over 17 years and are grateful to have earned the respect and trust of some of Nashville’s most discerning clients.

At McMillion Pool Company we are dedicated to designing and building innovative and beautiful swimming pools. If you want to upgrade your existing swimming pool or build a new pool, call us today and we will be happy to discuss your “new pool” construction options.

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In 2007, Mike McMillion founded McMillion Pools after he discovered his passion for transforming homes with pools. Mike earned his business degree and dived deeper into the work of swimming pool maintenance and cleaning, eventually leading him to discover his calling for building luxury swimming pools. Today, McMillion Pools stands as a testament to Mike’s dedication to delivering highly responsive service to busy professionals who want someone else to manage their swimming pool, allowing them to relax and enjoy their pool environment. 

“We strive not to be the biggest, just the best.” Rather than focus on the size of the company, McMillion Pools prioritizes providing a red-carpet-like experience to their clients. Mike emphasizes the importance of building relationships with his clients, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction with their pool experiences. With a background in both business and construction, Mike McMillion’s journey has shaped McMillion Pools into a company that focuses on providing expertise and high-quality services. 




We can craft personalized free-form pools designed specifically for you.

We offer a wide selection of automatic features for your pool such as lights and heaters. 

From slides to pool decks, we can customize your pool to be uniquely yours. 

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By prioritizing community relationships, we’ve become a leading choice among pool design and maintenance companies in the greater Nashville, TN area. 


Utilizing our expertise and creativity, we take joy in bringing customers’ visions to life, from free-form pools to the addition of unique custom features. 


After 17 years of business, we proudly hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, accompanied by multiple 5-star reviews. 


Continuing our commitment to luxury pools, we’re expanding our services to better suit the community, including more affordable above-ground pools.

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We have achieved the honor of being one of the highest-rated pool companies in the greater Nashville area, and while originally starting in Nashville, McMillion Pools also builds and maintains swimming pools in Franklin, TN.

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We are proud to serve residents in the greater Nashville area, including Brentwood and Franklin, TN. We are dedicated to using premium materials and providing high-quality service to our valued customers. Our mission is to transform your backyard into an at-home getaway.
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There is an old adage that a contractor is only as good as his subcontractors. We have found that most swimming pool contractors will use up to 7 different companies or subcontractors to build your pool. Most pool builders in Nashville hire a separate subcontractor for each of the following specialties: digging the pool, placing the rebar/steel, installing pool plumbing and filter system, shooting the shotcrete, installing water line tile, plastering the pool, and installing the coping. At McMillion we provide all phases of building your pool with our own in house crew. This improves quality and enables your pool to be built much faster.

For a small fee you can check our background and credit at https://smallbusiness.experian.com. We have our report on file for you.

Many high volume pool builders will show you beautiful pools built by their "A" crew and then send a "C" crew out to build your pool. At McMillion Pools we are not a high volume builder. Our crew builds between 10 and 20 pools a year. We have the same crew of technicians on all 7 phases of construction on every job. We have greater quality control which translates years of enjoyment for our clients, instead of cracked stone and tile on brand new pools that we see built by many of our competitors.

A common problem on improperly built swimming pools is efflorescence. This is caused by improper construction of the waterline tile or raised stone around the pool. It is caused when moisture seeps in to the concrete and forces calcium out from behind your stone. We have encountered the problem on countless newer pools in the Nashville area, sometimes on pools less than 3 years old.

Regularly check and clean pool filters, monitor water levels, and address any issues promptly to avoid greater damage. 

We offer free consultations and estimates for any pool project. Our team will assess your pool, discuss your ideas, and provide an estimate based on your preferences and the scope of the project.

The duration varies on the scope of the project. Minor renovations may take weeks, while larger projects could take up to several months. 

The easiest way to get started is to contact us and set up a time to discuss your ideas for your new pool.

The installation could take anywhere from 3 to 10 days. 

Above-ground pools are versatile, cost-effective and quicker to be installed. There are a variety of design options to choose from, ranging from shapes to landscape preferences.

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