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New Pool Design

If you are thinking about installing a new pool, there are some important things to consider

before you start to build.

Thank you for considering McMillion Pool Company to assist in designing and building a backyard dream pool.

We install all top of the line products and equipment with the longest warranties available. No matter the size and shape of your yard, McMillion Pool Company can design a pool that is visually appealing in form as well as “smart” in its function.

Some swimming pool salesmen will focus primarily on the design and features of your pool and they will fail to inform you about the function of the pool and how there can be expensive long term consequences because of a poor water filtration and circulation system.

McMillion Pool Company is a swimming pool builder, renovation and pool repair contractor. We provide swimming pool inspection, swimming pool liner installation and repair. Mcmillion Pool Company also offers swimming pool cleaning service, pool pump repair, pool filter repair, Salt Pool sanitizing systems, and Pool heater installation. We offer installation and technical support of Jandy I Aqua Link app based control as well as Hayward automation and remote control of your swimming pool pump, spa, heater, and water features. Our service area includes Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville, TN.

McMillion Pool Company will show you many ways to make long term ownership of your swimming pool more cost effective. Many other pool companies will not discuss with you the methods to drastically cut chemical costs, reduce electric bills, and eliminate the need for paid weekly maintenance services

Every Swimming Pool project begins with a survey of property lines, grading, and drainage. Many pool builders fail to properly assess the full impact of a heavy rainfall on the swimming pool. Adequate placement of French drains, and retaining walls are a must to divert the rain water around the pool and prevent unnecessary pool chemistry adjustments and expensive bills for pool chemicals every time it rains.

At McMillion Pool Company we know that functionally poor swimming pool systems can cost several thousands of dollars more to maintain per year. Our promise to you is that your pool’s plumbing and equipment system will be designed in terms of “smart function.”

We are confident we will not only provide the design and features you are looking for; but we can also save you $2000 to $6000 in annual maintenance costs (for chemicals, equipment repairs, pool cleaning, and electricity consumption.)

To begin learning about our swimming pools and design options, you can view examples of pool art and design that span from basic to the more elaborate

Once you decide to go with McMillion Pools for your swimming pool design, we will provide a CAD based Pool Studio drawing on a high resolution gaming computer to show you how your swimming pool will connect and integrate into your existing hardscape and landscape.

Last of all you may request a free brochure that’s composed of many pool photos and examples of swimming pools.

To find information on specific pool pricing and receive a formal proposal, contact us today for an “in home presentation.

McMillion Pool Company Inc. is a building contractor for maintenance, repair, renovation, and new swimming pool construction in outdoor living spaces.

Swimming Pool Design options and features are listed below.

Pool Shape – The most common pool shape is a rectangle. Also, kidney bean shaped pools have become very common. We offer several pool shapes and features. If primarily you want to use the pool for entertaining; the swimming pool area can be designed so that it serves as an extension of your existing living space. In this scenario, walking to the pool should almost have the feel of walking into another room in your home. If you have a young family and seek recreational options; the pool can be built for kids to play volley ball, dive off a diving board and play on a slide. Sometimes sport or recreational pools are built at a greater distance from your home, but the overall design will still maintain a visually appealing connection to the back side of your home.

Spas –A hot tub is a popular feature for pools. It consists of a “miniature fiberglass pool” with air injected “massage jets” to provide a spa experience. With well positioned jets and the preferred setting of a “high performance” spa jet pump, you will experience quality rest and relaxation.

Pool Slides – Children can literally play for hours going up and down a pool slide. In many cases we see that it has been well worth the investment.

Pool Rocks – Natural feeling stones and falling water around a swimming pool appeal to anyone who’s preference is to spend downtime in a more natural setting. With the advances in high quality artificial stone, the money saved during installation is significant when compared to having to pay for installing heavy boulders. RicoRock artificial stone is now available in just about any configuration you may choose.

Lighting – Lights offer a very nice accent to your nights spent around the pool. Lights can not only set the mood, but can also provide piece of mind and safety after dark. Energy-efficient LED lights come in a wide variety of colors. We include them in all pool designs.

Waterfalls – Waterfalls are attractive features on any pool. Smaller waterfalls or water features provide the more tranquil sound of water moving over rocks in a brook or stream.

Diving Boards – If your pool is large enough and deep enough, a diving board can be loads of fun!

Pool Patio Decks – The stone or concrete deck around your pool can range in size from a 3’ or 4’ foot “side walk” (around the pool’s edge) to a more elaborate hardscape. Sloping of the back yard or “future pool area” (due to a significant grade across the yard) will influence the options in designing your stone and concrete hardscape and may require extensive retaining walls, or other elaborate elements. Once the concrete is poured and the stones and water features are put in place, a specialty coating is applied to the concrete to dress it up and make it cooler on your feet.

Plants – The effect of vegetation around a portion of the pool can be very desirable. But having plants and trees on every side of a pool is not for everyone. Keep in mind that trees and leafy plants will drop their leaves and make quite a mess in your pool. As an alternative, evergreens can be planted to avoid the mess of constant leaves in the pool.

Value – Owning a Beautiful Pool and Saving Money – Many Pool Sales people will offer you a very competitivel priced swimming pool equipment package that in our opinion is not adequate. Many low budget type pool filtration packages / mechanical pool equipment packages will drastically increase the cost of owning the pool in the long term. We have found that in many cases we can provide a pool cleaning and equipment package that is configured in such a way that it will do a better job of cleaning the water while also reducing yearly maintenance costs for the life of the pool.